How do I move to different layouts?

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  • Thank you for the visual reply it really helped to understand how this system works .. as it was my first time!

    I would like to ask you for 1 more thing if it's ok with you? So here it is: When player has a hat or clothes on them as you go to another layout it will remove this all! Do I need to use variables to detect the items that the played have collected? so for example: On mouse object clicked hat set pos & pin to Player also set hat value to 1?

    So in map2 I need to check it? so If Hat = 1 set hat pos & pin?

  • give the player a boolean variable HasHat and set it to true if he has the hat..

    Create a special event sheet for player related events..

    on that event sheet

    Check if has hat is true and pin the hat to the player..

    Include this event sheet in all your other event sheets, to prevent having to write the code in every one..

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  • How do I Include this event sheet in all your other event sheets? Do you mean Include the same event sheet to all layouts? sorry never did that as well

  • right click your event sheet and choose include..

  • Thanks LittleStain I played around with it a bit! Got the idea. But I came up with a problem witch I don't know how to fix. How can I detect the items on the Layouts ? so when the player right click the hat it sets hats position to player point 1 and pins the hat to the player then if I go to layout 2 and drop the hat and then go to layout 1 the hat will be there in the same distance or place where you left it on layout 2. Any idea how to detect this? Thank you for future help!


  • I'm guessing the hat is set to global..

    Using the persist behaviour probably would be better..

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