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  • When does the browser starts to download an update and what files it downloads?

    It's not clear in when this ocurs.

    I've done some tests and I came to that this moment is only after a refresh page or when you enter to de game url. Am I correct?

    I thought it would be at "end of layout" or "start of layout" of every layout inside the gameflow, but it never triggered "On update ready" in the middle of a game or moving between layouts inside the game.

    So, when the javascript code does this "check if there is an new update" and starts the download?

    ... and does it downloads modified files only or every file of the project?

    Thank you!

  • Ashley any help?

  • I really need some help asap about this.


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  • The browser checks by downloading offline.appcache each time you browse to the page or refresh it. It won't check at any other time. Do you need it to?

    If the contents of offline.appcache has changed, it will then proceed to check every file in the appcache (every file in the project). However the ordinary browser cache is still in use as it does this, so any files that have not changed it should not need to download again.

  • Thank you Ashley!

    No, we don't need that feature at the moment :) I was trying to clarify the actual behavior of updates in Construct exports to apply it in our project.

    Now I know that "On update ready" makes sense only in my loader layout so I can refresh the page when this is triggered. I will not allow to go to the second layout if "Is downloading update".


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