Math Help: lerp to compensate for parallax

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  • set the scale to 0.25 to see it in action!

  • Hi jobel

    Do you mind sharing the capx one more time? I am facing the same issue on an unbounded side scrolling game I am developing. If it's okay with you, I would like to take a look at how you ended up compensating for the parallax.

    In my case I have set my background to parallax at xy(80,100). But unfortunately, after side-scrolling some time a gap would appear. PS.(This doesn't happen when I set parallax back to 100,100)

    Many thanks!

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  • bloodshot I don't have the capx anymore, but I think I can make one up tomorrow..

    basically you want to always make sure you are moving the tile only by 512 (or divisible) that way there can never be a gap or is the movement seen. but if you mean your player is reaching the edge before you move it then you need to increase your tile size.. so instead of 512, you'd need to make it 1024.

    The other issue is to make sure the tile's starting position is already at a 512 or divisible x/y.

  • jobel Thanks man! I would really appreciate it. In the mean time, I created a capx demonstrating how I wanted it to be. But as soon as I move the tiledSky object to the Sky Layer, my events become useless. Wondering if you could give a tip on this seeing that you also just move the player in an unbounded layout. Cheers.

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