Match 3 - Matched Blocks Become New Object

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  • Very new to programming so thanks for the help in advance.

    Anyways, I am working on a game idea similar to the game Might and Magic Clash of Heroes (for reference: ---I would post a youtube video but I can't! ). Basically, in that game you match blocks and they become a unit, which then charges over a period of time (turns) and then attacks the other side. Obviously there are a lot of steps between where I am and what's in the game, but I'm just trying to figure out the forming of a unit part from where I'm at in the following tutorial.

    I am using this excellent Match Three tutorial to get started on tutsplus. I stop short of using some parts of the tutorial, like how it constantly pushes blocks up because I do not want this in my game.

    So as is, the blocks become matched and then are just destroyed.

    Instead, I want the matched blocks to become moved down to the bottom of the loose blocks, remain there as a group (becoming a new object I'm assuming?), and then the loose blocks will fall in around them. The rest will come later but I am just trying to figure this part out.

    I have seen this tutorial referenced multiple times on this forum so I hope someone can help. I am fiddling with it but not getting the results I'm looking for. Maybe the tutorial isn't really made for this idea and if so maybe someone can help me figure out how to alter it. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    (My URLs in my post have been removed because I am new... sorry I can't be clearer I am trying to be!)

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  • I already discovered about match-3 related mechanisms (most of them). Turning blocks into combo items isn't too hard. Have a look to the previous topic I posted:

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