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  • my char is divided in 2: waist down and waist up. This is so i can manage complex animations like walking and shooting, etc...

    So, when my char goes to idle/stand animation, sometimes both part don't enter the state at the same time, making it look weird.

    How do i tell one part: "get in this animation but in the same frame as the other sprite's animation"

    and to make it more complex, some frames of the animation don't last 1 but 2 or 2. So, that would make it more difficult by having to match the inner times of the animation.

  • I'm going to assume that this is happening because one animation is longer than the other. Just use some OnFinished events to ensure that both animations are finished before going to idle.

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  • noup, this is cause sometimes you can shoot, and the shoot animation only happens in the upper half while the other half remains in the idle. So when the upper one returns to iddle it hardly coincides.

  • upperbody set animation : idle

    upperbody set frame : lowerbody.animationframe

  • upperbody set animation : idle

    upperbody set frame : lowerbody.animationframe

    Worked!! thanks a lot!

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