Mario style: Jump on top of enemy to kill it

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  • Did it just the way Ashley said so. Even added some little bits to make the player 'bounce' off the enemy.

  • Hello,

    How to rebound over the enemy's head after destroying it ?? (I.e.: Mario rebounds when it kills a Goomba). Changing the Y vector don't work for me.

  • alexis06 - the post from Cpryd001 directly above yours handles this. It'd also be a good idea to go through the Platforming tutorial if you haven't already.

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  • Thanks for the link, I just realized my Y vector was 700 and I needed -700 instead ;)

  • > awesome8x, that's one way of doing it, but the other way saves you having to create and position those 'detector' objects.

    The benefit though is that the detector method allows you to have the enemy killed only at the point you desire. For instance many times you may be above the enemy but still hitting a part of the enemy that should hurt you (in this case, touching the side of the Goomba's face while you're falling should hurt you and not kill the Goomba).

    Agreed, this method makes more sense to avoid allowing the player to kill the enemy when landing on the side of the enemy.

    How would this be applied to multiple enemies though?

    Awesome8x suggested recreating the events for each enemy, but i'm not sure how I would go about that in a game where the enemies are constantly spawning.

  • Make a familie and apply all test on the familie , not only an enemy

  • Thanks so much. couldn't figure out the "Set to Down" part but have everything but the bounce off happening. My game idea needs it though. think not having the set to down part is the reason why?

    Edit: figured out i had to set a negative value to the platform vector y.

    ...right after this post. sorry.

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