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  • Ok, so... after looking over the forums I'm still a bit confused about how to make big area maps / dungeons. So here's my question...

    If I have a 1024x1024 sprite sheet, containing 1024 (32x32) images. I drop that into ONE sprite, chop it into 1024 frames.

    CAN I...?

    1.) add ONE blank frame to the sprite, "clone" that sprite to fill a   1024x1024 layout?(thus having 1024 "empty" 32x32 tiles)

    2.) add an instance variable "Frame" to the sprite, then set the variable in EACH of the cloned sprites to whatever number corresponds to the "tile/frame" I want to display?

    3.) use an Array to display the frame based on the variable?

    I know I CAN DO all 3 of these things, but will that harm / hurt the game based on file size or performance?

    Any thoughts, links, or previous posts would be wonderful! Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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