Making Websites with Construct 2

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  • Val I used to be pretty biased (I worked at Microsoft for 6 years) but since starting on my own game dev projects have grown more frustrated with IE's lack of webGL support, not as much for shader effects but for basic performance...

  • Nicely done Miceal, interactivity gives a site some pizzaz methinks. Would love to see your capx. Any advice would be really appreciated mate. How did you do full page etc.

    Megatronx, I don't mean a splash page. I have whipped up a test site just to test out the idea, its basic with one link (which I have to try and figure out how to open outside of the iframe), but works.

    I basically mean the front page which offers navigation to the rest of the site. So you may not get hits from google to this page, but it would look nice for clients.

    Why would google penalize you if the content is there?

    Can you offer up any other non coding options for this sort of functionality?

    In the "old days", when search engines indexed mostly by text content, people would "hide" text (by color usually) at the bottom of the site. Usually the text had nothing to do with the site, which is why it was hidden; However, this caused pages unrelated to searches to show up - that's why it's penalized. Rule of thumb: If Google can determine that the reader can't see it, then it doesn't either. ;)

    I'm always a fan of hybrid solutions. Like flash, people will try to create websites with Construct 2 regardless, so here are some ideas:

    Idea 1 - I think it was already alluded to, but if you design your HOME page in HTML as normal, then that would help with CEO to some degree. You can then have a link to enter the Construct 2 designed site (like a landing page I guess).

    Idea 2 - Using plugins, you could "communicate" with the main page (at least in theory). If you are comfortable with this, you might be able to whip up some communication between various iframe elements (for various construct instances) and write JavaScript to talk between them as needed.

  • After a fairly long hiatus (life on the road and all that), I have decided to give construct 2 another go to develop my website. I am currently using wordpress and my web design site has some motion built in by using a parallax slider plugin ( ).

    I have an idea as to how to make the site Google happy, and that is to use a footer section, designed to complement the game style of the site, with information which suggests and explains the site purpose.

    My main focus with this site is not to get high up in Google rankings (lets face it, there are a million other web design sites on the net who go balls to the wall on SEO best practice, and that's a million sites I would have to beat), but instead to create something which looks good and makes people go "that's what I'm talking about" when they do see it, and try attracting business through word of mouth.

    The only issue I can see now is load times if a site is going to be graphic heavy, and browsers that don't support HTML5. The first I can work on with compression, and the second perhaps some kind of redirect?

    I know it is not suggested, but what other software can make a game into a website without a degree in coding?

    Get er dun...

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  • booth your website is awesome. Functions awesome.

    As far as the HTML5 website with construct...I am tempted to make a dumbed down version of my website using the basics and make a HTML5 one with construct.

    It would do that trick I would think.

  • Thanks humanescape. The dumbed down version is what I am thinking. I just have to figure out where or how to build in that sort of functionality, and if it is even feasible to do so without knowing any coding.

  • I know it is a fairly old thread but I am currently developing eLearning modules (Quizzes, mini games, tests, video slideshows etc..) and I find construct perfect for that.

    My user don't need to use search engines and the modules are not meant to be ranked by them. With Flash I couldn't do anything on tablet and mobile phone, so for me the experience is really great.

    Thanks all for this wonderful program!

  • We built our website in C2. It was a good experience, but not one that I am going to repeat.

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