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  • So how is it procrastinator? Do you care to share the fixed capx today?

  • nothaseo, sorry man. Been away. I can't seem to find the fixed version. I remember it was something simple and stupid ;p I'll try and get round to fixing it shortly when I have my coding head on!

  • How can i randomize the questions on Yanns version?

  • How can i randomize the questions on Yanns version?

    Hey man, I found the answer to your question... you create an array with an inverted sub-event for "contains" AKA "Does not contain this number" before randomizing again. Here:

  • Hi.

    I'm using the Yann QA.capx to add quiz rounds to my platform game.

    (thanks for making and sharing this powerful system!)

    I want the player to do a quiz round, then a platform game round

    and then another quiz round and so on. (The quiz score = the time limit for the platform game round)

    Do I have to make new Layouts & Event sheets for each new quiz?     

    Thank you.

  • hi yann , i can't seem to download your .capx file from your link , could you link it up again? thanks :D

  • Hi! Fantastic Quiz, but i cant understand two things...

    why every first question is only zero's (empty array request? where?).

    why this not loading/filling more questions? if i put more on on Questions.txt the answers are zero's too (empty arrays again?)

    I would really appreciate the help. :)

  • hello I'm reviewing this file looks fantastic and I know that I would have to do to make this happen when you press a button.thanks

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  • nothaseo, here's a version I knocked up for someone else, which loads a text file through AJAX..


    procratinator, could you update the link for the quiz your posted? Thx in advance, Sophia

  • Hey Yann, I have made a quiz game, using a file.txt as array for the question but, my answer is using an image, so I don't know how to determine my array and the image. Please help me

    Anyone, please help me

  • HI

    How can I place the array .. QA in a php file

    It would be nice to simple change QA from the.php or text file


    If that can happen my life gonna come much easier

  • nothaseo, no problem. Hope it helps The only problem with it is, with very few questions, you may see a question repeat (only because it reloads them and happens to choose the same one from the previous round). I did fix it, but can't remember where I put the fixed capx - was something simple anyway. It would be a very slim chance of it being noticable if you had loads of questions. However, if you want me to look it out, I'll search tomorrow.

    Can you help me with my .capx please

  • Yann, Is it possible to read the Questions and answers from an external file txt/ini?

    You may need to create a function first. Then, use the AJAX plugin to load the external file (txt/ini) into an array.

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