How do I Maintain Momentum with Bullet Behavior Movement

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  • *** .capx Requires a gamepad ***

    .Capx: [attachment=0:1msc99hb][/attachment:1msc99hb]

    -What I am using at the moment. Can't get a "Ice-like" Slippery movement which maintains momentum when turning.

    I am using bullet movement for the majority of my game. There is one ice level but I can't seem to maintain momentum when changing directions.

    I am new to the physics behavior so I spent a while trying that with no luck.... I can imagine some complex way of storing my old angles of motion in a queue and constantly adding them every tick to my new angle of motion but.... I'm sure this is a simple thing that I just overlooked.... since its an extremely common thing in games heh.

    When i'm moving forward I can move like I'm on ice with just normal acceleration. But I turn on a dime in whatever direction my bullet changes its angle of motion towards.

    Any Help would be appreciated. Thx.

  • Look, You Have to make these steps

    1.Add Sprite, Put the sprite bullet Behavior, Go to the event sheet, Add an Action, Sprite,in bullet settings' on key pressed, To make it Not infinite You have to make things with the instance variables

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  • Added a .capx of my players movement box.

    *** It requires a GamePad to play.***

    Still can't figure this one out. any help will be appreciated!

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