How do I make login page in my project

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  • hello i need some help for 2 questions.


    layout1 Start manu ------> layout2 create hero(in put name) -----> layout3 play (show name of hero)

    layout1 Start manu -----> layout3 play hero as ----> save

    1. i try to make login page in my project. by type hero name in textbox on layout2

    and i need the name of hero show on layout3 for save data.

    2.on layout3 after tap finish it will go to layout1 . when i tap next bottom. i want to skip layout 2 then go to 3.

    i no need to goback to layout2 again

    sorry my english is not good

    thank you

  • The best way is probably to have a global variable called "heroName" which is initially empty. In layout 1, only go to layout 2 if this is empty, otherwise go to layout 3. Obviously copy it in in layout2, and because it is global it is available to use in layout3.

  • thank you for your answer

    but i still can not understand the process for it work

  • If you would like the name saved, so it will be used if the program is closed and restarted, you should use local-storage..

    Without that it would be in pseudo-code:

    on layout1 you have a button play..

    on button play pressed

    -- if global variable heroname is not ""

    goto layout 3

    -- else goto layout 2

    on layout 2 you have an input field and a button ok

    on button ok pressed

    set global variable heroname to inputfield.txt

    goto layout 3

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  • thank you LittleStain i try to do it

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