How do I load json from ajax request

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  • Essential plugin for anyone who wants to use Ajax.

    One small issue, for some reason, it was generating an error for me, adding a closing </i> to edittime.js line 160 fixed it.


    <b>Merge <i>Table(s) AsJSON</b>

    changed too

    <b>Merge <i>Table(s) AsJSON</i></b>

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  • bentwonk - Thank you.. I fixed it in mine. Also because you guys seem to like it so much I created a forum post for this plugin to make it available. Thank you for the kind words

  • $troublesum hi im using your storage plugin and its been working great so far however it cannot seem to parse this json utf8 japanese string:


    when i debug the plugin in c2 i see that it sliced the string up in parts for each character.

    any idea on how to solve my problem?

    is there a new version of plugin etc?

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