How do I make Little Big Planet menu?

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  • I want to make a menu that pops open like little big planet. I want to be able to switch tabs for equipment, stats, etc. the game should freeze/pause while in this menu, but does not go into a new layout. It must also pop up near the player. It could pop out on top of the player or the sides depending on where the player is. Offer any hints/help. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks.

  • We made something semi like that.

    We used sprites. The sprites were a picture of the menu.

    Created a global variable. If "menu key" is pressed set position of Sprite to where you want on the screen. To keep thing simple i used a layer that is ontop of all other layers with a parallax of 0,0 so its always in the same place.

    I create blank sprites that i pinned on the icons in the menu.

    Then when the menu sprite is moved to where u want it, it pins those helpers to that position,

    Then created an event for each item and said if touched do this. That way we have on sprite... with many invisible helper objects controlling the different buttons or items.

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  • Okay, I kind of get what you are saying. I will try to implement a sprite that goes over everything. First, I would need to spawn a sprite then create an inventory screen. Second, find out how to make an inventory using arrays. Third, find out how to draw the items on screen. Lastly, find how to put a cursor to navigate the inventory screen. After all that, I will try to make the next tab.

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