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  • Ha, glad to hear it.

    Your not annoying mate, I have plenty of time for courteous people and I have asked a lot of questions myself so I don't mind answering some too when I get the time.

  • GenkiGenga Thanks Man, I might have put my cart in front of the horses with this one because im still having issues making these spotlight sprites.If someone can make me a white one i can just colorize it.I dont know why its not working correct for me.I could of swore i had it down.

  • I like your approach. Jump in the deep end I say :)

    A cool thing about images in the editor is that it works both ways, you can import new images but you can also export images that are loaded in previously.

    Double click on the light source and you will see in the animations editor you have the option to save it to file. There is your white light. Add a layer on top of that in ps and reduce opacity and you have your coloured light.

  • GenkiGenga that is one of the first things i tried,The main issue im having is it keeps making a backround behind the sprite I dont want to import the white backround.I will try again and again until i get this,I started a thread in the Resource section for anyone that can make these type of sprites so everyone can have them for use in their projects.I really am treading in deep water and i really didnt think this would take me hours to mess with.Thanks again GenkiGenga

  • Ok after a long day and many false alarms on my behalf i finally got the spotlight sprite in game.But with my luck The Destination Out effect changed my blue light sprite to a White light again <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Do you know why its doing That? Im kinda upset now spending so much time,I hope this is a bug on my part.I will make a new thread about it.

  • Destination out purely takes the opacity of your image (per pixel), and applies that essentially as a transparency mask. You'll need a second light object that is blue to tint. It isn't that it's changing it to white, it never showed color to begin with.

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  • C-7 Now im really lost at sea,I understand but i dont understand if that makes sense.How would i go about adding another light? In the lighting example it shows only one sprite as the image unless it was merged with another sprite while in another program.I still dont understand how you would go about adding a second light without the need to merge.Can you explain alittle more about this.I need as much info as possible.Thanks C-7 you just dont know how long i have been trying to get this right.

  • Just asking to see if you guys come up with something different from using blend option and a sprite for ever single object.

  • Ah thanks for the input C-7. I didn't know that.

    Sorry to give you the wrong info there rookie, so destination out only works in black and white basically. That's no problem, remember that the light is on the top, we just add the coloured light source object on the layer beneath and drop the opacity so you can see through it.

  • Thanks GenkiGenga Its not your fault that im lacking the skills to process the thought of all of this info. You have done more than enough for me in this last few days. I owe you my gratification in every way. I also think your link is Broken it keeps saying file not found.

  • Here, I made a capx and I've hosted an example of it in action. This should cover about all you need--it's how I would do it. Things to note:

    -I set that layer to "force own texture"

    -The lighting object that handles the opacity is "Destination Out"

    -The lighting object that handles color is "Additive" at like 25 opacity

    Hosted Example:

    Sample capx:

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