Level Transition System, Music System Please Help!!!!

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  • What I'm trying to do is implement a level transition system, a music system, and a system for spawning you wherever you entered the room after you die.

    It seems like such an easy premise but my mind keeps melting ever time I sit down to do it, Im not the most abstract thinker so Im like sweating just posting this. Serious turmoil right now, need help!

    Anyone got any ideas? I searched and couldnt find anything myself.

    Ive been working on this for two years in the dark.

    No press or anything so far, just the odd board post and question.

    My goal is to reveal VIA trailers on kickstarter and steam greenlight.

    Funding from that will determine the final amount of puzzles and peripherals in the game.

    The main meat of the game is almost done. I swear its awesome, so far 100% good feedback.

    However, Ive reached a brick wall. I really need all of your help.

  • My last post disappeared after my login timed out so here goes a quick reply:

    For level transition, do you mean show the last level as moving to the next? A solution might be to take a canvas screenshot of the whole level (keep player over top of the canvas and don't paste them into it) with a global object, then change to next layout and have the player walk in over top of this canvas object, as it scrolls into the layout (unbounded scrolling)

    What do you mean music system? Making an audio object global will allow it to play continuously in every layout if you mean to keep the same music playing between layouts.

    As for entering the rooms/respawn, are the levels pre-designed and hardcoded, or randomly generated?

    If pre-designed, you can just add a new invisible sprite at each doorway with a private variable (eg: EntryID). Then when player dies or at start of layout re-position player to the sprite where EntryID = global variable PlayerSpawnLocation (set this at the end of last level).

    Hope that helps!

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  • Yes that was very helpful!

    Especially the level spawn idea

    For music system, I want to be able to play music in different levels.

    You know in zelda or banjo kazooie how there is a quick load animation then blackness then new level and new music? How would one accomplish this easily, as I have a lot of levels!

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