Letter view and Keyboard Press comparision?

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  • So, how are you people? Hope everyone is fine.

    I'm new here and I'd like to ask a few questions after reading the simple tutorial. I know that I'm a bit of a noob to this new software, and I've already made a moving object - plane on a canvas and have understood some simple events.

    Though my problem is where to begin to do certain items:

    To put my idea straight forward,

    I would like to make a random number of random alphabet shown on screen within 80seconds. When an alphabet is shown within a second, I want the user to press the shown button and get scored for pressing the correct button. Sort of an agility test.

    Can you give me some pointers on where to begin and what do I have to do to get the pressed keyboard button and to display a random alphabet character?

    Is it simple to do or??

    Thanks & Regards for everyone's help


  • Decided to have a look at the unanswered topics today and made you a little example.

    First of all you'll need the rather neat Keycode plugin.

    And then get the CAPX.

    It has comments, but only deals with the main task of comparing keycodes. So you'll have to implement the game logic, timers, etc. yourself. In this case it's a simple example and will only properly work with standard latin characters.

    Good luck.

  • wow you're a god :P Thank you very much, I'll try my best, I'm doing a game project and this will be very helpull.

    I have a coding background but the UI of construct is kinda confusing me.

    So mainly as a logic, my game has to have:

    1. 80seconds timeframe

    2. Randomization (from 0.5 to 2secs) of how long the character will appear and then disappear

    3. Randomization of how long the other character will appear after the first character

    4. Randomization on where the character is placed in the canvas

    5. Score - in the example, it's kind of perfect (just have to add a sort of multiplier on how many correct where achieved.

    I have created a sprite which moves up and down and I've made obstacles. Does the sprite have to be hit as a box? is it a limitation of HTML5/Construct?

    When the sprite hits the box, the score is sent down and the multiplier is set to 0 again.

    What do you think is it difficult to do/is it doable?

    Thanks a lot for your help and I will make my best to learn more :)

  • Your game logic seems totally doable in C2. Just need some more variables and extra checks.

    Sprites can have collision polygons, it's the second button to the left in sprite editor.

    I think the hardest part is just planning it out - implementing the logic and such isn't a problem really.

    If you have small quick questions the chat (button above these posts, to the right) is a pretty good choice, as long as you change the default "mib_******" name. :)

  • First of all thanks a lot! You've been so much of help. I've moved in the game and am currently working with a team of graphic designers as well. The idea has changed since then, and I'm making a kind of 'arcade' game to promote music merchandise (this will be utterly free and will only be played as a concept game at this stage).

    Thanks Somebody for the tips on the tick and dt, I'm still using those. The only problem I have is the following:

    So, I have a scene were a moon appears after say 30 seconds. After the moon appears a variable moonAppears is set to 1 and so, the clouds come out to cover it. I've used set angle towards moon.X, moon.Y and it works perfectly. The only problem is that once the moon is displayed and motionless, all of the clouds that come out, stop and freeze into a sort of moving motion to the same position. Like being stuck to the moon and moving randomly 1 pixel, kinda shuttering.

    I've tried checking the distance between the moon and the clouds in a new instance and setting the position randomly around the moon, but didn't work. Could it be because I have another instance calling the clouds and setting the angle to the moon?

    Thanks for the help, I'm much obliged.

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  • Hey guys, it has been a while. Finished the game for a project about a year ago and forgot to post it here. I'm back to see how Construct 2 has developed and would love to work on more projects :)

    http:// projectalley. info/ FlyingBei/ index.html

    Copyright of the game goes to:

    Rosanna Farrugia,

    Kurt Micallef,

    Julian Bonello,

    Clint Micallef,

    Keith Spiteri,

    Francesco Dimech

    P.S. just remove the spaces.

    Enjoy :)

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