How do I Let teachers add their own questions to my game?

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  • Hey Guys Im doing a game for an educational setting and Im trying to let teachers write in their own questions which would then be played out in the game any suggestions?

  • you can use TextBox to allow your teacher to write questions

    you can use Array or Dictionary to store your data (both questions and answers)

    you can use their save/load functions to store and restore data in JSON format

    all other is your imagination and experience to make game mechanics

  • Thanks Ill give it a shot

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  • chaoskool32, welcome to the forums!

    In addition to the having the ability to enter text, you will need to consider what needs to be done with the text after it is entered. If you need the ability to send the information from the teacher's device to the students, then you will need a lot more infrastructure:

    1. Use the "AJAX" object in Construct 2 to send the questions to a server.

    2. You will need a server running a server-side language like php to communicate with teacher and student devices. In addition, the server will need a database running mysql or similar to store and retrieve the questions.

    3. You will need to build a student version of the app to poll the server and display the questions. The student version will use the "AJAX" object in Construct 2 to retrieve the questions from the server.

    If you don't do this, then the teacher will need to type in all of the information into their device/computer, then give that device/computer to the student to use. This might be a little weird, depending on how the class is set up.

    I'm a teacher who is up to my eyeballs in all of this at the moment. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Good luck, and happy Constructing!

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