How do I use very large background

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  • Just googled "google maps webgl api".

    Aparently there's already some experimentation on getting it into there.

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  • Do as google does, slice it up in parts.

    Which will only help if you dynamically load and unload them from memory, right?

    Which construct 2 doesn't do as far as I know..

    All images on a layout are loaded into memory at start of layout.. ... our-memory

    Slicing it up in parts will aid the rendering. (Image not on screen etc)

    Also, some devices are unable to handle image of enormous sizes.

    He could, divide the sliced parts over layouts too. i.e. have 4 pieces on each layout, the cross section in the middle, if you come close to one of the layout edges, load the other layout corresponding to images.

    example, the 4 squares would be layouts, the transparent squares image parts.

    This could greatly reduce the performance problem. It just requires a bit of smart approach <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    I agree this seems the best way, at the moment the background won't run on iOS due to how large the bg is, so hopefully this helps.

    any .capx to understand better ? thanks

  • [ > any .capx to understand better ? thanks > I forgot it after I saw it the first time, I had another example of something similar with a platformer going round in loops with layouts. But I made a small new one to show.



    I used red circles as images, but they could all be separate images of a larger image placed strategically on the right corners.

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