How do I know if game is Infected?

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  • My first game is almost done and im really happy,but im worried its infected,everytime my character shoots a bullet the first time a window pops up thats a random internet security or cleaner,so i exit it and then i can play it fine.Does that mean i cant post my game?Or is it just something stupid?Can i fix it?Some one please help me.(I use Contruct 2 Free)

  • It's not the game that's infected its your pc or browser

  • So i can post it and other people wont be infected or have the same problem?

  • It's not the game that's infected its your pc or browser

  • So Thats A yes???That didnt answer if other people downloaded the game it would infect them,or screw up the game.

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  • yes it most likely wont be an issue depending on how bad your pc is infected, but you should get some virus protection and try to fix it. I personally (as a IT guy) wouldn't because you don't know what your infected with. But its up to you really it does only sound like basic scamware

  • It sounds like some malware has gotten onto your system. Next time the pop-up happens look closely at it and get its name, ie. shoppersniffer, advertbot, whatever. Do a google search for it and you should find ways to clean it off your system, usually using Malaware or other such freeware cleaner.

    No it won't attach to your project, it is only displaying because you are in your browser.

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