How do I keep textbox focused/osk active? [mobile browsers]

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  • I have an issue where upon focusing on a textbox to input on mobile (android, chrome), the on screen keyboard will come up and push the textbox off screen. This results in the textbox getting unfocused, and the on screen keyboard going away.

    On a friend's phone (ios, safari), there was the alternative strange behavior where the textbox would get pushed off screen and stay active, but only one digit could be entered.

    Can anyone help me confirm that this happens across other devices and if so, any ideas how should I address it?

    To replicate, scroll down to the bottom and select one of the uppermost textboxes. It works fine if you select one in the middle or bottom of the screen. The problem only occurs when the osk pushes the active textbox off screen.

    Capx: ... .capx?dl=0

    At the bottom was an attempt to keep the screen in the same position when the keyboard comes up, but that didn't quite work either. The screen would stay in place, but the osk would pop up and disappear.

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  • I totally had the same problem with IOS on the iPad and iPhone. Upon searching it seemed this was an android issue, not an IOS issue, but something changed and now it is both.

    The good news is there is a fix, I tried it and it worked. Here's a link:

    correncec was nice enough to put step by step instructions, which really saved the day for me

  • Thanks for that! I'll give it a shot and see how it goes for html5 export.

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