How do I keep the Node Webkit from crashing?

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  • My game is pretty big and I am using the Node Webkit exporter to run it. The game is using the built in Save function for its save system right now, and when I load my game using the Load function, the window the game is running in will crash. Is there any way to keep this from happening? There are lots of big objects in the game that the system is having to load up every time I hit the Load Game button. Could this be the cause for the crash? It only happens after the second (sometimes third) time I load the game and then enter a layout with a large number of objects.

    Is there a memory limit to the window running the game? If so, is there a way to clear a possible cache for that window to keep the game from getting overloaded and crashing? Any help at all would be awesome because I am at a loss right now.

  • You should post this with a .capx reproducing the problem to the Bugs forum, or at least describe what is actually happening (error message text, any error console messages logged, etc)

  • I have an image here of what pops up when it stops working. This is all that's coming up when the game crashes. I know usually if it's something with Construct it will give a code, but this is just the window crashing. If you still want a .capx I can send that to you over a pm or something. Not ready to have the game out there in the public yet..

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  • Does it crash in Chrome as well? (That's what node-webkit is based on.) Can you reproduce the problem in a minimal new project and post it to the Bugs forum? Also are your graphics card drivers up to date?

  • I was curious about whether or not it would crash in Chrome too. I tested it out a bunch of times and it never did crash. As far as I know, the graphics card drivers are up to date. I ran a check on it and everything came back fine. I could make a minimal version of the project and post it, but I think the fact that the project is so big is why it is crashing. Right now it is 541MB, so every time I have to reload the game, I'm assuming it's having to reload 541MB of info and it eventually takes a toll on the system.

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