How do I keep 60 fps

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  • Hi,

    I made a small game for fun, but each 3-4 second, I get 30fps. 3-4 second after, I get 60fps back

  • How do you expect anyone to help you with this much information?

  • You could try "On start of layout" -> "Set minimum framerate to 60." That will make the game slow down instead of dropping frames. The problem is probably with optimization, though. If you want to keep your framerate high, you need to run your game as efficiently as possible.

    Also, certain framerate issues are a peculiarity of C2 (it's still a great engine, though). You might find this section of the manual useful:

  • I'm sorry spacedoubt, I'm new on the forum

    I've 9 sprites

    the goal is to catch foods

    my layer is 1280x720

    I've no "Every tick" event

    for the hit-box, I've put 4 geometry on all my sprite

    I've put every thing in 1 layer

    game file: ... atGuy.capx or

    I've follow: how-do-i-make-my-game-stop-lagging_t115753 and calebbennetts link

    mayby it´s my computer but I can run recent game in medium or high

  • I didn't mean to come off like such a jerk. haha. I think I'm still upset about the C3 debacle.. sorry about that.. let me try again:

    Welcome to the forum!

    The link just goes to a page that says "invalid or deleted file". Did you delete the file?

  • use the bitly, I don' have 500 rep to put link

  • It pretty much runs at 60fps the whole time for me. I did see one strange 'jank' and the fps dropped to 50, but only for about a second. I don't see anything in your code that should be a problem.

    Try this: run it in debug, click the 'profile' tab. wait for the fps drop to happen. when it does, see what's using the most %. if it's draw calls, you'll know it's not your code's fault.

  • yea it's draw calls

    Thank you for your help

    Is there a way to put this post "answered"?

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  • I should clarify.. just cause it's draw calls doesn't always mean it's not your code's fault.. if your code is causing too many draw calls, obviously.. but in your case, I'm pretty sure it's not your code.. it might be a graphics driver thing.

    Sometimes people add something like [SOLVED] to the post title, but most people just don't.. plus, it's not bad to leave it open.. maybe somebody who can provide some more help will come along..

  • ok thank you

  • If someone find this post, I've change the preview browser with NW.js and it didn't lag anymore

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