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  • Hie everyone,

    I can't understand why the light radius effect in order to create penumbra really doesn't work..


    thanks a lot...

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  • I'm having a bit of an issue with this, too. Upon the original unveiling of the light/shadow caster feature (which I loved!), I seem to recall being able to create penumbras as well. I've reviewed both manual entries for the light object and the shadow caster behavior, but I can't get penumbras to appear (it might be the limitations of my computer...which is why I can't load the new Construct 3...

    A test site reveals that I can run WebGL 1, but WebGL 2 is possible to run on my computer but is either disabled or my processor (I don't have a dedicated graphics card on this laptop) isn't able to run it.

    Simply looking for more info that might help solve this issue. Anything I'm overlooking?

  • Outside of what is stated in the manual, can't help without seeing an example of what you've done. It works fine for me.

    [quote:18g19nlv]Penumbra rendering only works in WebGL mode - in canvas2d mode it will revert to a radius of 0 with hard-edged shadows.

    The shadow casters can only use convex collision polygons. Shadows will not render correctly if they use concave polygons. If you need a concave shape, this can always be achieved by placing multiple shadow caster objects next to each other to compose a concave shape out of convex parts.

    Antumbras (beyond where the umbra converges to a point) are not rendered. To avoid the umbra converging to a point on-screen, avoid using shadow casters smaller than the light radius. Stick to large shadow casters and a small light radius.

    When using a light radius, avoid placing the light very close to or directly over a shadow caster. Shadows can fail to render correctly in these circumstances.

    Maybe you need a bigger light radius?

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