Issues with basic rolling animation

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  • Hi All,

    I'm new to using Construct 2 and am half following the platformer tutorial, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to correctly get a rolling animation to play properly.

    I have keys setup so that if I press right my walking animation runs, if I press left my walking backwards animation plays and when I press down I duck.

    This is all fine, for rolling I have tried the following:


    Keyboard - Right arrow is down

    Keyboard - Down arrow is down


    Player set animation to 'Rolling'

    It switches to the rolling animation but sticks on the first frame and never actually plays the animation. I imagine I'm just being dense but this is the first issue I haven't found a quick answer to with a Google search so thought I'd try the forums.



  • Hey Fred,

    This could be because you're causing it to toggle between your rolling animation, and your walking animation.

    Try adding "Down arrow is down" on your walking animation, and then toggle it to invert, this may work


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  • That did the trick!

    New to this community, anyway I can 'upvote' you for a quick and correct response? :p

    Many Thanks!


  • Glad to hear it

    Haha, not that I know of.

    Good luck with the platformer!

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