How do I make it isometric?

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  • Thanks man, could you explain a bit how did you get that code done? I can't seem to find a way to create such snippet :/

    a demo capx file would be grand.

  • Oh! In that example I added absolutely every sprite/etc. that will need to be isometric'd into the family IsoObject. So basically a family for almost every object you have other than HUD stuff, menu screens, and so on.

  • Big thanks, i didn't really get it to work on my project yet, but i'm sure i'll figure it out eventually

  • Best of luck! I'll try to remember to check back in.

  • Crap.. don't get it, i got the code done now, but it does really nothing to my map.. Could you open up a bit what the code actually does. i'm having a hard time understanding it. Or maybe drop a tiny demo file so i could understand it better. Does it matter if i have a dozen different layers on the map?`Im guessing the player object doesn't have to be in the family objects?

    edit: ... test2.capx

    uh, i got a sort of a different approach on the matter but im not at all confident this is a good way to go. Anyway it works kinda.. opinions?

  • Okay, my way does not seem to work that well in the long run. As i'm waiting for help on the code to get this to work, another question in my mind is how would i go on about doin a second floor? i was thinking something like the player should press T or whatever to use the stairs and that would enable a closed space where the rooms floor tiles are at and revealing the hidden objects into view. Would something like that work or is there another way of doing it in your minds ?

    Also, i must sound like a broken record, but if someone knows a capx file thats similar,would love to see how its actually done by others. I feel like im battling towering walls here...

  • Bumping this as im not getting anywhere with this.

    Mike mead allready pointed out his solution at

    So i have to implement a Z-order thingamajig to the game it would seem. Thing is, i don't get what the code actually means or what it does, i tried creating the same code on my game, but no supprise it wont do anything. Is there a tutorial or something that would explain how this thing works? Or could someone take my hand and show me like to a two year old how it's done. I feel the answer is right there in front of my face but its in gibberish and i can't make it out :S

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  • Phew.. got overly frustrated and gave up on this for awhile and now trying to charge at it once more. Basically nothing has changed since the above post, so im still hoping a helping hand..a big hand.

    Feels like one of those levels of a game where you have to jump over a very long pit falling..falling..falling..falling again..again..again and again and again.. untill on the tenth millionth time, you get the jump just perfect and get over.

  • Hey man, sorry, I had intended on helping out more with this but my life recently exploded. I'll stop back in tomorrow when time is more plentiful. Any luck yet?

  • No worries mate. I actually got some advice from rojohound in another topic

    which looks like it could work. Have not had the time to study and try it out though yet as im working at sea and the weather has been infernal.. anyways. z-ordering would not work for me in this case it would seem.

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