How do I... have single particles rotate along their life?

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  • First of all sorry for my english!! I would like to know if it's possible to have single particles rotate before they dead. I would like to create particles when my player object walk (platform), simulating dust. And i would like that every single particles rotate at a different speed.. is this possible??

    Thanks to all..

  • I am pretty sure that the 'Particle' Object doesnt support those functions.....

    The only options it has listed under Particle lifetime properties are


    Change in particle speed over time, in pixels per second per second. A positive value will make particles speed up, and a negative value will make them slow down.


    The acceleration downwards caused by gravity, in pixels per second per second. Useful for making fountain or other falling particle effects. Set to 0 to prevent gravity having any effect on particle movement.

    Angle randomiser

    Maximum random change to each particle's angle during its lifetime, in degrees per second. For example, set to 0 to prevent particles ever changing direction, or set to 10 to allow particles to change up to 5 degrees left or right per second.

    Speed randomiser

    Maximum random change to each particle's speed during its lifetime, in pixels per second per second. For example, set to 0 to prevent the speed changing randomly, or set to 100 to allow particles to speed up or slow down by 50 pixels per second per second.

    Opacity randomiser

    Maximum random change to each particle's opacity during its lifetime. Useful for creating "twinkling" effects.

    Destroy mode

    How each particle is destroyed. There are three modes available:

    Fade to invisible will fade each particle's opacity to zero over the Timeout. When the particle becomes invisible, it is destroyed.

    Timeout expired simply destroys each particle after the Timeout has expired, without altering the opacity.

    Particle stopped destroys each particle when its speed reaches zero. You must take care to use a negative Acceleration, or particles will never be destroyed!


    The time in seconds particles last for before being destroyed, depending on the Destroy mode.

    As you can see..there is no rotation property..

    I've tested it before myself...but it didn't seem to work

    Its interesting to note that The particle object is only fractionally more efficient than creating your own custom Particle objects and assigning your own behaviors to them..

    For simple effects sometimes its worth making your own custom 'Event' driven Particles..

    such as

    create a sprite object with all the behaviors you want ..including a rotation,fade out and/or destroy timer

    then setup some basic events to spawn the objects when needed

    PLayer is moving

    Player is on ground-->

    spawn Dust.object(number) at player.position

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  • You will need to make your own particle emitter if you want more specific control over particles.

    I rarely use the particle object built in with C2 - I almost always make my own.

    All you need to do is create your dust particles at the feet of your character when you want them to be there (IE player is running at speed greater than 100, or whatever) then you can make them rotate, fade, resize, float around, etc. Just be sure to add your own way to destroy them after a while, or they will clog up your RAM/CPU usage.


  • Thank u guys, i'll try... Thank u very much!

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