iPad mini and Cocoonjs issues

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  • Hey Guys!

    I am developing a tower defense in Touch devices/ipad mini.

    I have a big problem in graphics and running in cocoonjs

    i set my resolution 2048x1536 to my ipad mini and file size is almost 42mb

    (too big)

    when i run into the cocoojs it always crashing._.

    why is that?:(



  • Have you tried closing other apps to see if it's a memory issue? And have you successfully played other apps on your iPad Mini using cocoonjs?

  • galacticfan

    I have never tried closing other apps to see if its a memory issue

    where can you see it?

    but i have a file that unfinished file it works to my ipad mini.

    same setting 2048x1536 and almost 32mb.

    help pls...

  • In the more recent models of the ipad mini, there is multitasking and if you push the home button twice, all the apps running should be displayed along the bottom. You can then hold you finger on one of the apps in the bottom tab and an 'X' should appear next to it, clicking that 'X' will close the app and free up memory.

    Have you been able to use any other apps through cocoonjs?

  • galacticfan

    Yeah, i always check that, it is the same thing always crashing...

    i dont know the error. i feel the fps?im not pretty sure

    What kind app do you mean?

    i only run my games in cocoonjs...

    games only*

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  • What sort of fps does it read before it crashes? Also, could you upload a .capx version of your game for anyone willing to help, to look at :)

    Have you been able to run any other games that you made, inside of cocoonjs?

  • galacticfan

    Yeah, i tried to test/run the previous version of my game and it worked.

    but the problem is that the latest game that i created crashed.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Sounds like a memory problem then. Also, looking on the apple website: apple.com/uk/ipad-mini/specs the resolution seems to be only 1024x768 so try turning the resolution down.

  • galacticfan

    So do i have to start all over again?because if i change the resolution from 2048x1536 to 1024x768 all my sprites will also change...

  • You could be sneaky and scale them all down but then, hmm, it's a tricky one, hope you haven't done too much already!

  • i dont think this is the problem. scaling down shouldn't be such a loss of memory .. have you tried different full screen modes like "integer scale" or "inner scale"?

    if you send me ur cocoonjs zip file i can test it on my ipad1

  • I think you might want to read this blog post.

    Even if you scale down images, they will still consume a lot of memory. Try using smaller sprites and scale them up (use vector art).

  • I think vector art is the way to go...

  • galacticfan philx

    is there possibility it will crash when i set into 1024x768 from 2048x1536?or it depends in sprite and file size?


  • +1 for vector art

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