Internet Explorer 10 Has No Audio? How Do I Fix?

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  • The weird thing is: Sound effects do seem to work inside IE. Wouldn't he normally have those stored as M4A, as well?

    Are they working for you? There are no sounds playing for me at all. I can see in the developer tools that the sound is downloading but the content type is 'text/plain' instead of 'audio/mp4'.

  • I use windows 8 and IE10 works great with HTML5, acctually etter than chrome and firefox. Audio works as well, but only one channel can play at the time, like with all other browswers.

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  • Sometimes after fixing your MIME types you also need to change the URL of the game to force the browser to ignore its cache. It's possible it's cached the files with the wrong MIME types still.

  • If your server is incorrectly configured, it will not serve AppCache or .m4a files correctly, which will break both offline caching and audio in IE and Safari. This is a problem with your server and not a C2 bug. To fix it make sure .m4a serves with the MIME type audio/mp4, and .appcache serves with text/cache-manifest.

    This and changing the URL fixed the issue for me, thanks!

  • Try creating a .htaccess file on your server and adding this line:

    AddType audio/mp4 m4a

    Or if .htaccess already exists just add that line to the bottom of it.

    <img src="" border="0" />i,

    Thanks, that worked!

    IE10 is now playing music and effects!



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