how to integrate Steamworks in c2 ?

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  • Hi guys, Iam not the greates coder, and I looked to steam sdk and steamworks,'s really there a step bye step how to use it in C2 ... Please help me in that ...thanks a lot

  • If you just need the overlay and achievements you can use the greenworks plugin.

    If you have the video object in your project you better go with NWjs 0.29.4 and greenworks 13 (0.29.4).

    If not, you can go up to NWjs 0.30.5 with greenworks 13 (0.30.4).

    Versions greater than 0.30.5 are not supported yet, you should follow up on greenworks for updates

    After downloading the greenworks plugin from github you need to edit greenworks.js and remove 'lib' from the path on all the requires.



    greenworks = require('./lib/greenworks-osx64')


    greenworks = require('./greenworks-osx64')

  • thanks a lot for your reply... the only things that I actually need is to be able to update the game if there are bugs...and make a closed beta... is this all possible with that plugin c?

    thanks a lot

  • These are all things you manage from within your steamworks account and are not related to C2 or greenworks or steamworks sdk.

    You can generate keys for testing from you steamworks account even if your game is not available.

    And you need to update your packages with the new files for the users to get an update.

  • thanks so much :) very helpful

  • Hey,

    I'm struggle with the same problem, trying to integrate my game to steam, but sadly there is no real step-by-step tutorial for greenworks at all...

    I'm wondering if I need to do something specific in C2 to get the steam overlay running or do I just need to follow the steps of the greenworks documentation which are only applied AFTER exporting the NW.js and it will work automatically?

    So far I added the greenworks object to my project and set up "greenworks is available"+trigger -> "Activate Achievement : ACH_ID" in C2. But are there other things to do inside C2 to get greenworks running? Like what about the overlay? Do I now just need to export and follow the steps of the greenworks documentation afterwards?

    Help please, I'm so confused! ;O

  • So, the achievements seem to work, but how to set up the steam overlay using greenworks in c2?

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  • ... Did achivements work ? do i need overlay for achivements ???


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