How do I make infinite shadow with the shadows caster ?

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  • I have a big probleme in my game , I set the shadow light height to 0 and shadow caster of my wall to 10 but that don"t make infinite shadow , when I near the wall the shadow is very very little . Have you any idea how I can fixe this ?

    Sorry for my eenglish I am a french bas in english ^^ . And thank you for reading .

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  • I'll bump this for you... as I have a similar problem. For you, I'd try increasing the shadow caster height to about 100 or 1000.

    My understanding was that 0 was infinite, no matter the height, but apparently not.

    For me, I have the camera scaled out slightly, and when a shadow casting object comes in to view, for a split second, it doesn't render the shadow, then suddenly does. It's very jarring to see what's behind a wall for a second.

    No idea how to fix this, as none of my tweaks work.

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