How do I make an 'infinite' layout?

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  • Hey all,

    I'm currently trying to make a game similar to a 'launch' game (as in, launch and object, get money, upgrade object and launch it further), but I have little to know idea about how to make the layout the correct size.

    Do I just make a MASSIVE layout and hope it doesn't make things lag massively, or is there a way I can make an 'infinite' layout through expanding size or something? I am using physics to control the object if that has any bearing on any help anyone can give.

    Sorry if this is a bit vague, I'm at a loss to how to even approach this! Thanks in advance!



  • the layout it's already infinite, in the options of the project you can check the unbounded scrolling to show the outside of the layout...

    anyway, usually, these game use different way to make an infinite game, for example you can make a fake movement and move the other objects, or move the player and spawn other objects around the player...etc

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  • Oh! I did wonder about that! That's great!

    Regarding the idea of fake movement, I did seriously consider that, but because I want to measure a couple of different things that are fairly dependent on actual movement, setting up pseudo measures would end up making the game needlessly complex, as I would need to create a sort of "pseudo physics" engine. The point about spawning objects around the player is a really good idea though, thanks!

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