How do I - Infinite Diagonal Scrolling (For endless runner)

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  • You can't post URLs yet. Either post screenshots as attachments or get 20 more rep (should be easy).

    Also it's not that construct 2 is restrictive, it's just that the engine I provided for you was for a different concept than the one you want - it's no surprise that it doesn't work. If you had coded it in C++ it wouldn't be any different.

    Looking at the videos, I can see that it will be impossible to fix the engine I gave you. You need a new one.

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  • Ah!! Thats sad

    I looked around for some games that uses isometric tiles here. But there are hardly any and doesnt work with the game idea I had.

    I feel ashamed to ask so much from you now....

    It would be great if you can give me some idea on how I can achieve the effect from that video, I will try to take it forward from there. And I really appreciate helping me out

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