How do I incorporate shaking device to make sprite crack

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  • Hey all. Let's say I wanted to make a game where the user has to shake their mobile device as many times as possible back and forth within a certain time period in order to make it look like a sprite on screen is breaking/splitting/cracking apart bit by bit more and more the more the user/player shakes their mobile device. How could I achieve this? Could someone provide an example with a capx file?

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  • You probably need to find a gyroscope plugin for c2. Im pretty sure there is one out there somewhere on this forum though... keep searching.

    Probably the plugins will give you the possibility te detect the change of the direction of gravity and after every change you destroy the sprite a little bit.

  • Hey Donald. I have been looking online and can't find a gyroscope plugin for construct 2. Are you sure there is one? Could you post a capx with an example illustrating the effect I want to achieve?

  • Apparently Construct 2 already has orientation and accelerometer incorporated in the "touch behaviour"... so no need at all about new plugins

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