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  • hi.. I read the topic about the changes to improve android games' performance but i've some questions..

    how can i delete objects when they leave the viewport on the left? Not the layout but the viewport!

    if I want to make the player to collect coins, all the instances (of the coins) continue to check for collision with player.. So they occupy a lot of cpu's work.. how can i solve this?

    i saw the jungle platform tutorial but he used sprites instead of tiled images to build the map.. but a lot of sprites make the cpu works a lot

    how can i use the tiles.png without using sprites?


  • Any object NOT in the viewport is fine on rendering performance. The engine will not suffer any performance problem.

    Object NOT in Viewport

    -- Object < ViewportX(gamelayer) then object.destroy

    As for collision. Ashley at some point should implement a better collision detection model( The reason Ash should is because it's the only way for the Platformer behaviour/plugin to use them effectivly. We could do a plugin for better collision, but then Platformer is still using the slower method :(. So not much of a point for a plugin version.

    You need to use sprites. but only the objects references in the collision are the only ones checked against.

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  • thank you so much! :)

    but what's ViewportX?

    a method that accepts a layer as argument?

    i can't write that code..

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