How do I import game events into construct 2?

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  • Hi everyone, I have a question. I made a little game demo with game salad but I wanna do this project with construct 2 because it seems more user friendly so I wanted to know is there a way to move or make these same events in construct 2? I need have an event where the boss sprite that's on the right of the screen go through it's frame of opening its mouth and shooting a fireball and close mouth and repeat but with a random shooting pattern and then I need to have it so when player taps on fire ball it explodes and boss takes damage but only if player taps on fireball when it collides with a vertical line but if player taps too early on fireball or too late and it collides with player that's behind the line they take damage and of course I'll need life bar events for both and a score for player. Oh and music playing. I got a lot of this done in game salad but I really don't like working with that program to much lol so That's what I wanna get down for now so if anyone can help out with this that would be great, thanks a lot.

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