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  • Its sound great! I cant wait to see your new plugin

    > PixelRebirth let me ask you one more thing, how I get the branding link via the plugin? I tried to use BrandingLink expression but it just open a new empty window - response from QA :s


    Unfortunately you are using a version of the plugin which is obsolete.

    But let me tell you that I'm currently in contact with the nice folks at spilgames to collaborate on an updated version of my plugin. There should be results next week and then the plugin will basically be officially approved and overhauled by Spilgames. A fully working solution for every C2 user.

  • Wow, an official plugin would help a lot of people! Thanks!

  • > I have been following this post for sometime now and I just had a quick question. At the time of QA submission, is it standard for developers to send the source file for the game to Spilgames? Is it secure? Are any of you submitting via URL?


    You do not send the capx file or project folder, but the exported and minified game. Have you been asked to include the source file?

    I usually use a zip archive including the game files to submit.

    Yes, in fact I was asked to include the 'source' files, therefore I was a bit concerned. Although after reading your reply I think what they meant by source files was the exported and minified game. So I guess there was a miscommunication. I will double check. Thank you for your reply.

  • I certainly hope that magical plugin is just a few days away. I'd love to just be able to add it, fill out some boxes, set some settings, and be on my merry way - not dabble in JS. Already do enough of that at work. :<

  • Hey guys! Earlier this week I received a new plugin runtime file from Spilgames serving as a guideline and now I have it all fused into a working plugin again.

    You can download the result already, but be aware that this is still pending further approval from Spilgames. So there is the possibility that the plugin might still get breaking changes in the near future.

    Download the plugin.

    Download a .capx example.

    How to use the plugin is mostly being explained in the commented example file. Export the example and run it in the Spilgames test tool. You will be able to get an all green status check!

    Once I get word that Spilgames is okay with the plugin I will make a thread for this in the plugin forums.

  • Awesome! I just tested it and works like a charm. Thank you very much PixelRebirth!

  • Works perfectly. PixelRebirth, virtual beer on me.

    Can anyone tell me what the point of "splash screen" is? Is this something that's supposed to appear before the main game screen?

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  • A big thank you! It will make my life easier when dealing with Spil!

  • PixelRebirth- I too owe you a big drink!

    Thanks for spending the time creating this plugin- you've saved me from a lot of hard work!

  • Okay folks, I got the green light from Spilgames. The plugin is officially available now! Go here.

    In case you got the plugin earlier from my last post in this thread, please do download it again. There has been a minor change, but nothing that will break anything you eventually already did in your project. Thanks!

  • Thanks! I'll use it for my next game

  • Works perfectly. PixelRebirth, virtual beer on me.

    Can anyone tell me what the point of "splash screen" is? Is this something that's supposed to appear before the main game screen?

    It's the first screen that you need to implement. Your game loads, and the splash screen shows a image of A10 games for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds you proceed to your main screen.

  • Hello,

    I am having a problem when I try to use the 'SplashScreen is enabled event' through the plugin. it gives me a javascript error saying Uncaught Type error: undefined is not a function. ( line 79, col 26)

    I don't know if others might be having the same issue but I was trying to use this to check if the splash screen was enabled or not. I did not find the event included in the example file as well. Would anyone have a solution?

  • Thanks again for reporting this issue! It should be fixed now in the new update. Please download the latest version of the plugin.

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