How Do I implement 8 Direction Jumping?

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  • I feel so dumb right now for not knowing this,And thank you RookieDev well said and I also would luv to see the feature implemented.As of right now im going to try and look around the site for more info Burvey thank you for your example im going to look at this right this second! I think me and you posted at the same time.I apologize about not seeing it.

  • Burvey I want to thank you for your replies, I dont think this will work for this style platformer. It just keeps moving up and never comes down.

  • It's only set to do that. You have to make the events to make it work how you like.

  • Burvey Thats why I needed help because im not good with code,this is something that has been pretty hard to do and I did not expect it to be. Thank you for everything burvey I owe ya for your help

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  • I've updated the capx a little more to get you started. You'll just need to download it again. The only way to learn is to keep playing around with it until you can make it work how you like. :)

  • Burvey thank you once again but This still has me confused,When I first learned about platformer controls I thought everything was in the actual behavior.I feel like im the only person to have this issue.

    could someone fill me in

  • You're not using platformer controls though. If you want to use 8 direction controls then you have to figure out work arounds to make things work (at least until the 8 direction behavior is updated/improved upon).

  • I'm a great believer in using the right tool for the job, and if you really want to make a 2.5D or Isometric game, then C2 is - at it currently stands - is probably not the best candidate for the job, so you will have to expect difficulties, as well as have a much better understanding of coding.

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