My imagepoints don't reflect object's orientations

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  • I'm having some trouble where an object is rotating/mirroring and flipping, but the imagepoint within that object is not moving with the object.

    My enemy with a rocket launcher fires his rocket, but when he is mirrored, the rocket fires from the same imagepoint position, not with the mirror position. ... wrong.capx

    You can look at my overly complicated code, I tried disabling some code until I narrowed it down to where I think the problem lies...

    Either the armrocket>spawn code, or the system>create object code needs to be fixed.

    This is probably an easy fix, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for the help.

  • To be honest I have no idea why that is happening, makes no sense at all after the tests I've done.

    Anyway I found a solution for it, a dirty one but works.

    Check the modified capx, maybe that leads you to an answer, you can set the aim object to be invisible if you want to use it like that.

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  • Here is a rewrite of your code. Maybe you will find something you like in there.

  • A big thank you to both of you!

    caiorosisca, your aim code seemed to break out of the whole "spawning within a mirrored object" box I was programming myself into.

    shirokuma, your trigger once and less than 200 distance simplified, and the destroy armrifle and spawn when already mirrored will help also.

    I was creating variables for no reason, waiting for conditions and sub-conditions to be true counting on variables. Sometimes you just have to keep it simple as possible. Thanks again!

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