How do I... (Instances in a space-invader type of game)

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  • I really appreciate the time you're putting into this to help out, Voulk.

    It just happens to be one of the last pieces to put together for the project - and as soon as its finished, hallelujah.

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  • Phew, that was a tricky one.

    This will need to be tested quite comprehensively but I'm not seeing any issues so far. Here's how it works:

    1. We are now storing the Music Type of the enemy when deciding which is the lowest, we're going to use this in a bit.

    2. We have added the 'pick all enemy' block. What this does, is removes the 'must be in spotlight' condition we started with, so that we can test enemies outside of it.

    * Any that don't have a matching UID (That is, they aren't the lowest) will stop pulsing.

    * Additionally, this loop will stop any other music types. This has the advantage of keeping the 'green' sound if you mouse from one green to another without a space.

    Off-screen you want to keep the current Else block you have also, since that will trigger when we have no enemies selected at all which is something we still want.

  • So close!

    I was just testing it out and if two colors overlap in the spotlight, if the bottom one is spotlighted first, the system works, but if the top one is selected first, both of the instances stop pulsing.

  • Oh hang on! My bad, I had one of my variables mixed around!

  • Dude, you've saved my life.

    I've been tearing (what's left of) my hair out on this issue but you've managed to help with the problem in the time span of an hour.

    Very hearty thanks. Thank you.

    There are still a few hiccups but this has ironed out a lot of the kinks that I was getting really frustrated with.

  • No problem. Glad it all works

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