How do I make an idle game?

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  • I want to set up a very basic system.

    Every second/1.5 seconds, the computer prints a random message in the allotted text box

    from a large series of messages, with each message having its own effect.

    Thats all I want it to do for now.

  • System every 1.5 seconds - set text: randommessage

  • and then

    TEXTBOX on text changed... so you can then do something based on what it was changed to.

    where TEXTBOX is the name of your textbox object.


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  • Thanks for the replies, but how do I set it so that the random message appears in a box?

    Also, how would I go about doing that rho?

  • What do you mean 'each message has its own effect'?

    Edit. Which don't you know? Just to narrow it down..

    How to do something at certain time intervals

    How to choose something randomly

    How to display something in a 'textbox'

    How to store and retrieve a large number of text values

    How to display an effect on a text object

    All of the above

    How to put it all together

    Also, how does the topic title refer to your question? Edit: oh ok, the every x seconds thing..(?)

  • Alright, simply put, this is the chain of events that I want to happen.

    User boots game > Game prints message from list every 2 seconds > Printed message is displayed in a box akin to that of an IRC > Depending on text, do action > Game prints new message.

    What I want to happen eventually be something like...

    I boot the game > You hit the lagiacrus for 5, you get hit for 7 > You have killed the lagiacrus > +50 Exp > Bar on top fills up with 50 XP > Game checks to see if that is good enough for the next level > If so, level up > You have gained 10 gold > Adds 10 gold to a stat > You have found a warm pelt > Adds warm pelt to inventory.

  • See if this has anything you can use.


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