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  • Hello!

    I have a kind of monster, I multiplied it 6 times ( so with same name ).

    I maked a zoom in / out in the game like this : created a square, when the player and all monsters visibles are overlapping it, there is zoom in.

    The problem is that the mosters have the same name, so, when only one overlap the square with the player, the system make the zoom.

    I tried with family, nothing, or command "for each"...

    Can you help me?

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  • Have you tried using the Pick All Instances? Then add Is Overlap below it.

    Pick All Instance Monster

    Is Monster Overlapping Square = > Zoom in

    Alternately, you can do something like a counter with a variable "MonsterOnSquare=0", then have it +1 each time a Monster overlaps or collides with square. So if there's 6 monsters, you can do a command that checks:

    MonsterOnSquare = 6 (or greater) & Player is Overlap Square => Zoom in.

    You'll need a -1 to that variable everytime a monster is off the square or dies. etc.

    It's a little outside the box thinking. Hope it helps.

  • Good tips! Thank you very much!

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