[How do i] Setup a simple server or so

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  • Ok i managed it to get the server running, and emitting data through.

    And making an Automatch system for 2 players.

    but now i have a problem, everytime im emitting a string form my text box through, then i get it back the first time right.

    Second time x 2

    3rd time x3

    4th time x 4...

    I have no idea why. Heres a part from my server code in case something is wrong with that:

    socket.on("message", function(data){

              socket.on("chatmessage", function(data2){

                   io.sockets.in(data).send("chatmessage," + data2);


              socket.on("GameSettings", function(data2){

                   io.sockets.in(data).send("GameSettings," + data2);



    I know the post is old, but better keeping this alive then always making a new thread for almost the same topic...

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