Host Destory Objects?

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  • Object ball is sync'd

    Peer sends message to host to destroy the ball.

    Host Side:

    Ball is destroyed.

    Peer Side:

    Ball is NOT destroyed.

    Doesn't the host handle all the objects in the game? Shouldn't when the object that is sync'd when destroyed by the host update to all peers that the objects has been removed?

  • Yes, if it was created on the peer side by the sync action from host to begin with.

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  • Yeah that's what I'm saying it's created from the host side then sync'd to spawn on the peer side.

    But when I go to destroy it on the host side it still remains on the peer side this is the weirdest bug or logic break I've ever had.

  • Hm. Check if somehow the peer made a copy of the ball somewhere? Maybe they were stacked. Should be able to see it in debug if that's the case.

  • hmmm It would seem that there was a dupe of the items but it only happens once at the start of the game. Very strange that it doesn't repeat it's self.

  • Did it solve your problem?

    Otherwise the last thing I can think of is to check if your object might be invisible on the host and you're not destroying what you think you are destroying. A synced object can be visible to one peer and not another if your events call for it.

  • No it didn't, I think I might of ran into some bug. I'm not new at all and this concept I've done a few hundred times that's why this is so strange. I'll report back anything I find. Thank you for your help.

  • Figured it out (kinda)

    Basically when a multiplayer message is being sent it has to be converted into a global value first.

    Very weird.

    But honestly thank you so much for all your help. With this I'm 70% done with my game and I'll pm you a key If I get green lighted.

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