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  • Hi guys I have recently been going through forum posts and I noticed allot of people host games or examples online and then post the link. Can you guys help me on how to host a game example for 100% free.

  • If you mean posting on your own website. First you need to get a host provider which will give you domain name and storage space, after you make the account you login into the c-panel provided by the host and you upload your game files there using FTP server, you can use the built in tool or filezila.

    If you are talking on other websites, like kongregate or armorgames. You need to create an account and there is upload options where you can put your game. On armorgames first you need to request an developer account, on kong you can upload right away.

    Edit: I am using for my personal hosting services, they have free and premium plan. Usually the free one will get the job done unless you plan getting more then 5000 visits a day.

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  • if youre talking about capx files, they're generally saved on or other file sharing site.

    theres also the arcade you can link to

    i havent dabbled much with outside publishers, but theres always sites like newgrounds, albinoblacksheep, etc, where you can submit games to be hosted. if you're just trying to show a tutorial, you could even take a screenshot and host it that way through photobucket or imgur etc. shit, even facebook, and then just post the pictures url.

    however, if youre just looking to show people stuff, easily and free, id say to host the game itself use scirra arcade, and to host the c3p or c2p file, use drop box

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