How do I hide banner ads on iOS?

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have events that load AdMob banners on the start of every layout using the CocoonAds plugin. The banner is positioned across the top of the screen, if the user touches the banner to follow an advert then the banner is hidden when they return back to the game.

    CocoonAds: On Banner Clicked > CocoonAds: Hide the banner ad

    This works perfectly on Android, but not at all on iOS. Clicking the banner on an iPhone opens the test ad link but when the user returns to the game the banner is still there.

    Is this something that just doesn't work on iOS? I can't work out what I'd need to do differently as this works exactly as intended in Android.

    Please can someone help me understand?



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  • I can't say exactly how to fix this with the plugin you are using but you can integrate admob (or others) with Enhance and see if it is an issue with the plug in.

    More info :

    Good luck.

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