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  • So im trying to develop my fist game, ive ran into a road block and would like you good people to help me out.

    Ok so basically here is the game:

    The money symbol is temp it adds 10 Money per click, the money is displayed top right. When the sign is clicked it checks for the amount of money then takes it awey. Then places sprites ext.

    The zombie moves from right to left, when it collides with the coal it changes animation to "Mining" ext my current problem is how do you get it to check the variable for the Zombies backpack so that if it is not full it will repeat the animation and collect more Coal until the backpack is full and say it is 990/1000 full but increases by 100 how do i make it only add 10 not 100. I need to know the same for the collection bin.

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  • I made you a capx example with a function so that you can drop in your own values. I added a brief timer as a pause between animation restarting but that was mostly for testing purposes.

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