Help with runtime error having to do with Windows Store listing?

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  • Unhandled exception at line 563, column 303 in ms-appx://25608eternai.eternalbrawl/c2runtime.js

    0x803f6107 - JavaScript runtime error: Unknown runtime error occurred

    d)):(console.log("[Construct 2] Product '"+b+"' purchase finished but product not active (cancelled?)"),d.d.trigger(Hc.prototype.i.Ct,d))},function(a){console.log("[Construct 2] Product '"+b+"' purchase failed: "+a);d.d.trigger(Hc.prototype.i.Ct,d)})}};k.prototype.zz=function(){if(this.Lf){var b=this;{console.log("[Construct 2] Listing information loaded");b.CA=d.formattedPrice;b.oD=d.productListings;b.d.trigger(Hc.prototype.i.oz,b)})}};b.u=new k;

    It looks like all my settings are correct everywhere regarding anything to do with Windows Store listings or add-ons. Anyone know what this error specifically means?

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