Help requires: Distorted "game over" alert

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  • Hello,

    I've added audio to a shooter I spun off from the make-a-shooter tutorial game.

    The aim of the game is to kill all the ghosts, grab the red keycard, and get to the exit: the yellow and black area.

    The problem I'm faced with is the "game over" sound. When you enter the exit after killing the ghosts the background music should stop and "Game Over" play. If you try it out, you can hear it's stuttering and distorted.

    However, if the same alert is played when the player dies "game over" plays properly.

    Both events use the similar routines. The only differences are the Player sprite is destroyed when he's killed, and the music stops playing when the player successfully reaches the exit panel.

    I've tried disabling the "stop music" event, reordering the events' orders, adding "Player destroy" to the gameover event structure the "gameover" sub-routine, and re-imported the gameover sound effect. So far nothing has helped.

    I've set up the game to make testing this easier: using the cursor keys to move head up to the yellow area to end the game successfully. To commit suicide run into 5 ghosts.

    Can anyone offer any assistance with this? The game's Capx file is below.


    • Richard

    Ghost Hunt v5 Capx

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  • Hi,

    have you tried using "On collision with Exit" instead of "Is overlapping Exit? "Is overlapping" condition triggers like every tick thus the "game over" sound is repeated many times.



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