[HELP, PLEASE] Database used in the Construct 2

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  • Ok, first you have to edit some informations in the php files like host, table name, ect...

    Then like BillAlex says, this is a basic thing, you have to secure this scripts and improve them...

    If this don't work, tell me that because I didn't test if it works...

  • If the PHP code is called without GET request the server produces an warning-error because $_GET['email'] do not exist

    The script should still function but it is better to check if the GET-Request ['email'] and ['senha'] exist



    $email = $_GET['email'];


    I meen the function 'isset()' ...

    The variable for the e-mail will be delivered only if a GET-Request exist ... the AJAX code prevents this already, but for a good and safe programming you should not trust on it.

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  • Saad Swad, What you did is running normally, right? Because I'm trying here and're not saving, you log in with the same wrong information...

    BillAlex Thank for the help (review), but I think I can not do this... a long time I'm trying, and nothing. I think I'll give up... bad idea to think that I could!!

    Sorry for creating the post!!

  • Realize that you can't do something never hurts. But to give up is not the right way. For everything you want to do you need the basics ...

    If you want to create a login system via PHP you have to know how PHP works ...

    Nice tutorials are at http://www.w3schools.com

    But that should be no advertising here. I find it described simply easy with a simply english ...

    All beginning is hard

    I programmed for about 2 years and I have sometimes the same problem: It won't work.

    And you always learn new things again

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