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  • Hi guys

    I found c2 a week ago and i cant believe what i did for that week.

    I know almost nothing about coding and yet i managed to do this:

    There are few things i need help with:

    First, i really need your opinion if im on the right tracks, is the script structured correctly, is the approach right.

    I wanna do something like city builder/tower defence game and i need a decent diamond grid. After some research in the forums i figured i need to make 2 arrays for x and y of the grid coordinates. I did it but it came out quite clumsy. Anyways is this the best decision?

    Last, there are 2 little things that i caouldnt figure how to manage:

    1. The panning i saw in a forum but it has a problem with scaled layouts, zooming out makes panning slower.

    2. Zoom i designed myself but when i get to the corner of the map on scale 1 and then set the scale to 0.4 i see a white border outside the map, any idea how to zoom out coorectly?

    I hope you bare with me guys, i'm really new to all of this but promise to keep my questions at minimum.

    Thanks in advance

  • Here's a way to do the grid, I'm not too sure about the zooming.

    Link: isogrid_Pakost.capx (r117)

    Game looks great so far by the way.

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  • Thanks alot!

    It works perfect.

    I dont quite understand it but in time i hope i will :)


  • So anyone can help me with the zoom and pan problems? They are small but yet annoying...

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